Soul Portraits

Symbols speaking into existence the portrait of you

SoulPortraits Elizabeth Marie Fine Art custom original collectible fine artA Soul Portrait speaks in the language of Spirit through symbols.

When I paint your Soul Portrait, I ask one question to the true artist, your Higher Self-Spirit what it wants you to see or understand about you.

The process is simple for you.

You give me permission to ask the question that I have set for the process, and in my studio I go into channel to paint your Soul Portrait.

It happens sometimes at odd hours of the day or night. I just go with the flow!

I keep my focus on those words in the question and in whatever time it takes which averages 2-4 hours for your story to appear on the canvas.

From what I have encountered, it is your interpretation of the completed piece because it’s your Spirit and the Guides offering symbols to you to tell your story.

Soul Portraits Elizabeth Marie Fine Art original custom fine art spiritual transformational artWe each experience our world with a certain set of filters based on our experiences and emotions. That is why when you receive your Soul Portrait, you’ll take the time to experience the painting by experiencing the images, and allow it to speak to you in the way only you will understand. It can be confusing, exciting, over powering, reassuring, difficult, but know it is all for you to know your authentic self and purpose.

You’ll receive the Soul Portrait painted canvas, a color jpeg of the photographed painting and a black and white print of it from the copier. It is very interesting how much is revealed in each format.

I will also write up any thoughts or happenings that come up during the commission of your Soul Portrait.

Soul Portrait Elizabeth Marie Fine Art spiritual transformation fine art collectible

It is an honor to be commissioned to paint a Soul Portrait.

For it is an intimate dialogue, soul to canvas.

Please contact me here to confirm portrait session.

Payment is due before the commission.

And as with all commissioned work of art, the sale is final.