Praise & Applause

A Grateful Heart

Diane Wardrup

Diane Wardrup gives her exploding heartfelt testimony about owning an original work of art by nationally recognized artist Elizabeth Marie titled ‘Over Abundance”.

Wendy Darling

Creator of the L.Y.F.E Freedom System and Loving Yourself Lean

“Over the course of my life, my clients have referred to me as their ‘fairy godmother’. Elizabeth took it upon herself to create a fairy godmother for me and when she gave it to me….my heart was overflowing with joy and love.
I remember looking at her, with tears in my eyes, at how in awe and grateful I was for this magnificent painting. Elizabeth has such a unique talent! Today my fairy godmother painting sits outside my office, where I can see it multiple times during the day.
It’s a wonderful reminder that I, too, have a VERY special fairy godmother watching over ME!!”

Lisa Walker

Author Don’t Forget To Bloom, Magic Maker

“Experiencing Elizabeth’s magical artwork on my behalf, through her Soul Portrait paintings was, to say the least, an incredibly profound experience. The way she takes a blank, black canvas and asks her heart a question for me and then to transform the black canvas into the most magical and enchanting, spiritualistic imagery, was nothing short of breathtaking. I was going through some pretty difficult situations at the time she created my Soul Portrait. She was an answered prayer in that when I first laid eyes upon the finished piece of artwork, I immediately knew I was on path to my personal legend or life purpose and that there were angels and guides all around me, illuminating my path. There is simply no way she could have known exactly what I needed to receive in that painting and yet, there it was, laid out before me like a map from my heart to the mind of God. It is a daily reminder to me that there is so much more out there than we can begin to comprehend, that the Universe is indeed conspiring in my favor and that some of the greatest angels are the physical ones who enter your life at the precise moment you need them to. God is in the details of our lives and Elizabeth is a testament to this truth. My Soul Portrait is a treasured masterpiece and I view it often to remember that for every 1 way I can imagine receiving guidance in life, God has a million others. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision meeting someone who would answer questions in such a poignant, beautiful artistic way. It is something every person deserves to experience. It will have profound and magical effects on you that you can’t even conceptualize. Just do it. Frame it. Hang it somewhere you will see every day and then…behold the magic that begins to unfold. She is gifted and brilliant at what she does and is so highly tuned in to those with whom most people never even realize are there to guide us on our personal journeys in life.”

Nancy Addison

“I adore my Blessing Bookmark. It is such a beautiful work of art, it makes reading my books so much more enjoyable.”

Lisa Whiting

Jubilee Delis, LP Houston, TX

“I am blessed to awaken each morning to the brightness and happiness of your paintings in my bedroom. They help me to start my day with a smile and gratitude in my heart!”

LaRue Eppler

Author Your Essential Whisper

“I can tell from the delightful detail that you put in your art that passion and love expresses itself through you. I feel it an honor to have my home graced by your love & your magnificent art!”

Mark Youngblood

Founder of ISEE Global, Transpersonal Life Coach

“The first time I saw Elizabeth Marie’s art I was stopped in my tracks. The painting seemed to leap off the canvas in its vibrance and beautiful play of colors. I can feel the emotion that Elizabeth puts into her art – it is clear to me that she paints from her heart and through her passion. The images themselves each speak to me. I have purchased two of Elizabeth’s angel paintings and one of her floral depictions. The flowers are a gorgeous blend of colors that almost sing with happiness, and I feel better every time I look at them. Each of the angel paintings are unique and beautiful in their own right. Each seems to carry a unique message and evoke a particular feeling for me, bringing a sense of well-being and contentment. I highly recommend Elizabeth Marie’s art!”


Dallas, TX

“There are so many ways I have enjoyed and appreciated Elizabeth’s artwork. It spans from the amazing “Angel Enlightenment” painting to her Count Your Blessings cords. There are many messages spoken to the heart from her artwork. I requested Elizabeth to paint an Angel for me. The day I went to pick up my painting from Elizabeth, she had me pick from an array of paintings. Then, Angel Enlightenment spoke to my heart. There are hidden messages of healing, joy and encouragement.”   “I have given as gifts many “Count Your Blessing” cords created with beautiful crystals and beads. My friends love them which create a fond memory of me when they see them. For me, art can heal, connect and bring joy to one’s heart. This is how Elizabeth’s art is for me.”

Adele Good

All Good International

“Since owning my Angel Perception, I have had some interesting shifts in my awareness around the concept of PERCEPTION. This beautiful painting is full of subtle messages of hidden words and symbols that support how our personal perceptions can create and shift our individual perception of the world around us.   My personal Soul Portrait brought insight into who I am – yesterday, now and tomorrow. Elizabeth created it to guide me to see not only the light but also the darkness. It is full of personal messages for me to uncover as well as discover… past, present and future.”

Joseph White Wolf

Spiritual Teacher Sedona, AZ

“OMG I had no idea… Saw your art work at the Gaylord Texan Hotel and standing there looking at it I got goose bumps running from head to toe. Amazing is your gift of art and to have a display in a place like that is honor beyond honor. Standing there I was so very very proud to be able say my friend did that. I was overwhelmed with joy for you. You are such a gifted artist with magic within your paint brush. Nice job and good for you. Thank you for being you and for sharing your gift with this world. So proud. Blessings”

Pamela Paxman

Author “Flight Plans of the Heart”

“I love my Blessing Bookmark. I have had it for months now and it still smells so nice, especially if I place it in the sun. It’s surprising I still have it since my 5 year old is drawn to it. She keeps taking it 🙂 When I first received it I allowed myself to choose it with eyes closed. The charm and ribbon colors spoke to me at the time and fit exactly where I was on my life journey.”

Donza Doss

Author “Tiny Silver Sparkles”

“One of my most favorite pieces of art by Elizabeth Marie is Purple and Pink Spring. The beautiful purple & pink colors she uses for the detailed work on the flowers are exquisite! This piece spoke to my heart for many reasons. When I look at it I feel happier & more alive! The brightness and beauty of this painting jumps off the painting and greets me with an uplifting, warm hello that makes me smile.”