Personal resources for your divine collection

I am so glad you are here to slather on your soul more wisdom for your energetic being.

This page is merely a reference for you to cover the basics behind the art created by yours truly. My art is designed through my own experiences of love and triumph along with tears and pain. Each piece represents my learning and findings of my own personal research. I will recommend some of my personal favorites and I encourage you to seek your own personal resources for your divine collection.


Importance of the Rose

ImportanceRoseRoses symbolize compassion and comforting love protection. 

When you study history, the rose is the flower of beauty and romance, of family names, and represents the mother of Jesus, Mary. The rose’s high frequency of 320 MHz powerfully and positively affects our human energy frequency which averages 62 MHz. This information may seem a bit foreign to you. If so, take a little time to research information about the energy signature of all that is on the earth.

Everything as a frequency, just like a radio waves or even a microwave; everything is made of energy from the smallest atom to our human flesh. It’s all an energy signature. That’s why it’s so important we be mindful of what we eat, the music we listen to, and our words we speak.

Everything in and around us has an effect on us. Be mindful of the energies It impacts our bodies, minds, and souls.

Here is a reading recommendation:


The Chosen Chakra

The shades of the painted roses and leaves are representational of the 7 colors of the chakras that characterize energy centers of our being. Chakras relate to what we already sense and know and allow us to be in more tune with our inner being.

Visualize the colors of the roses as colors of the rainbow; the sweetest gift of Spirit to us. Think about it, the colors of our life are arranged in a semi-circle of protection and love each edge touching our beautiful earthly home and keeping us grounded to mother earth. The rainbow is an artistic celebration of the earthly elements in pure, sweet harmony.

Here are several favorite Chakra resources:

  • Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self by Anodea Judith
  • Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality by Donna Eden and David Feinstein
  • Three Hearts Company Chakra


Abundance Oil

Abundance oil is added to the paint base to assist in manifesting your highest intentions. When all of our senses are engaged, we activate our deepest secrets to their truest level.

My favorite resource for energetic oils:

Scrappy Slim


Charming for the Charmed

The charm or token is a visual symbol of a sign from above for you to become aware of its meaning and value in your life.

To me, this is the most exciting and fun part.

You may wonder, “Why did I get this one?”

Honestly that’s between you and Spirit. The Angels speak to us in symbols.

Have you ever woken at the same time every night? Or you keep seeing the same words over and over? The Angels are sending you a message and it is up to you to pull out your magnifying glass and become the detective. Seek until you find out the reason and as you open to more dialogue with the Angels you’ll soon become one with your Angel and speak the same language.

Just remember you came into this world free of language. You learned the language of your parents and the understandings of your culture. It’s the same now; you are learning the language of the heavens. Be patient as you grow in your greatness with the Divine.

Take the time to think on the image of the charm or token. Look up interpretations to what it might mean. Ask your friends. AND ask the Angels, they will give you the answer.

Here are several favorite resources:

    Animal Meanings

  • The New Secret Language of Symbols by David Fontana
  • Important Symbols in Their Hebrew, Pagan & Christian Forms by Adelaide S. Hall
  • Saint Germain on Alchemy Formulas for Self-Transformation, recorded by Mark L and Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Why Beads?

The main beads of the Blessings Bookmark and the Count Your Blessing are crystal.

Beads made of crystal, their colors, the shape, and the facets invoke movement in your life.

Dissect each color and determine how it resonates with the descriptions of colors below. Then ask, is it round, square, cone shaped? How many facets (the flat polished side of a shape)?

These are all symbols to move you forward in your life with ease and calmness. Your sense of being is heightened and you are at peace. Again, it’s to your benefit to take some time to ponder the questions above.

If you choose to research numerology, inquire about true meanings to the numbers of facets or the number of beads and how they are sequenced on the cord. What in your life is square and not rolling? What in your life is circular and keeps repeating itself?

All very important to your defining bead and you have permission to be honest with yourself.

The uniqueness of the Count Your Blessings uses 21 beads adopts a variety of hand chosen beads of semi-precious stones, metal, hand worked glass, ceramics, and wood that communicated divinely with the design. Each component is selected to encompass earthly delights as well as the gifts of the artisan who made it. Be assured that all beads are cleared and cleansed before attached to the blessings cords.


The Color Energy

ColorEnergyVIOLET — Oneness, connection to Spirit.

INDIGO — Open minded, vision, intuition, higher consciousness.

BLUE — Communication through sound & speaking your truth.

GREEN — Balance, healing, compassion, unconditional love.

YELLOW — Inner power, inspiration.

ORANGE — Creativity, relationships, sexuality.

RED — Energy, grounding, centering, strength.

GOLD WIRE — The Light of God.

COPPER WIRE — Grounding.

Resources for your library:

  • The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach – by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian
  • The Crystal Bible, The Crystal Bible 2, or The Crystal Bible 3 – All by Judy Hall
  • Stones of the New Consciousness: Healing, Awakening & Co-Creating with Crystals, Minerals &Gems by Robert Simmons
  • The Numerology Bible – Discover The Meaning Of Numbers And Your New Life Path by Chloe Miller