Leaving The Nest by Elizabeth Marie emariegallery.com Inspirational wisdom story

Leaving The Nest

Written and Illustrated by Elizabeth Marie We find Soar again, having left her pigeon family to pursue her destiny. Her journey begins blissfully, soaring the plains and forests of the Texas landscape only to discover a very different world. Beyond the tall brick buildings and concrete mazes of the life she leaves behind, the trees of the forest initiate her into the real world beyond her safe and loving nest she once called home. Leaving the Nest is the second story in the delightful series, An Eagle Soars. These insightful stories, while designed and illustrated for a younger audience, are truly reminiscent of the comfort and treasures of days gone by — when reading a story with pictures filled the heart and imagination with curiosity and dreams. They are sure to resonate with readers of all ages! This wise and introspective series begins with the wisdom that all creatures are born as divine beings with a gift to share, and urges all of us to find the courage to be more than the world we were born into — while gently sharing the lessons of honesty, forgiveness… and love.
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Don't Forget To Bloom Lisa Walker Elizabeth Marie amazon.com emariegallery.com

Don't Forget to Bloom

Written by Lisa Walker Illustrations by Elizabeth Marie Blossom is born with unique petals, each decorated with all the things she loves and adores. Upon learning that ALL flowers have their own special features and differences as well, she declares the world to be a most wonderful place to live, and she begins to blossom more than ever! But that is about to change. Now that Blossom has enrolled at Flower Academy, life will never be the same. Purple daisies are making new rules and determining who is more important and valuable than other flowers. Blossom must make a difficult decision, one that can change her life forever. Will she remain true to who she is and remember to bloom? Or will she do as most flowers and become a purple daisy in order to fit in?
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An Eagle Soars by Elizabeth Marie emariegallery.com Inspirational wisdom story. Balboa Press

An Eagle Soars

Written and Illustrated by Elizabeth Marie When an egg mysteriously fell from the sky, Mama and Papa Pigeon knew in their hearts that it was no coincidence. Sure enough – they were to discover that the events surrounding the adoption of a new and unique member into their family would prove to be magical, and a learning experience for all. For Soar, the beautiful creature who graced the Pigeons’ lives, it was a difficult time. She loved her new family and did her best to fit in, yet she always knew deep inside that she was so much more. Join Soar on an amazing journey of self-discovery as she learns to stand up in the truth of who she is, and finds the courage to shine, allowing the gift of her spirit to soar! Also available through barnesandnoble.com and balboapress.com Soft cover and ebook
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Angelic Joys coloring book Elizabeth Marie emariegallery.com amazon.com

Angelic Joys Coloring Book

40 pages of hand-drawn designs for coloring into an angelic realm of joys! Experience 27 unique and divine angels with 23 renditions from the original fine art paintings of the Angel Portrait series by artist Elizabeth Marie. Each angel waits for you to connect and color them to life, the way you feel and see them. Then venture into the fun of coloring doves, angel wings, flowers, butterflies, and even a halo! PLUS a bonus design, a message from the Angels to you.

This coloring book is tranquility wrapped up in the spiritual gift of fun, coloring fun. You’ll get to experience angels, connect with them as you calm your thoughts and focus on the colors and patterns of their designs.

Just grab your colored pencils and let loose on your imagination.


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Tiny Silver Sparkles

Written by Donza Doss, Cover design by Elizabeth Marie Divine Love Heals the Soul: Young, naïve, and searching for a way to heal her painful past, Donza Doss met an extraordinary spiritual teacher who awakened her heart and changed her life forever. With this man she witnessed a miracle that unleashed a power hidden deep within her. Little did Donza know that the next 20 years would be a journey of love, loss, bliss, and ecstasy. Filled with enlightened teachings of healing and spiritual growth, this is a timeless romance of one woman’s discovery that, when two soul mates come together, divine love has no boundaries.