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Fine Art Originals

Invest in living life to it’s fullest

Elizabeth Marie Fine Art believes owning an original work of art is an investment in living life to it’s fullest. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of having the emotions and energy of creation in your space. There is something empowering knowing that you and only you possess a part of an artist, part of their soul. Original hand created art is the only creative work that can truly be owned by just one. Yes, prints can be made, but the original, the original will never be truly copied. It contains a life force all it’s own. Elizabeth Marie paints from emotions. Colors maybe be vibrant, but the stories of each painting, is truly a story of life, loss, love, loneliness and joy. When you decide on the painting of your dreams, please email me here for pricing. I look forward to our conversation.

—The artist retains all copyrights.—