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Hearing and Seeing Life’s Art In Motion

Intuitive–Manifesting is your opportunity to authentically manifest with Spirit a year in line with your soul’s destiny.

Kudos to you for taking this magical step into the world of trusting and receiving.

How Intuitive-Manifesting is accomplished:

  • Inviting your Higher Self to work with Spirit to disclose areas of your life that would best serve you, your purpose, and the year.
  • Receiving the help of the Awaken With The Angels through your journey. Tuning to their existence as messengers and allies for your needs and desires.
  • Focusing everything in gratitude. From asking for assistance, receiving the pleasures and pains of being human, to loving yourself.

A few tidbits of information about the process:

The process flows in three components. Connecting with Spirit through intuitive signals, receiving the Angel that will work with you to manifest your Soul’s destiny and humbling the ego’s drive on your life with clear direction.

  • You are a spiritual being having a human experience. It’s a symbiotic relationship.
  • Connects our human-being gifted with the five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing with the sixth sense of spiritual communion. (NOTE: Thought is not a sense!)
    • Intuitive-Manifesting hinges on being present in the present.
    • Want to jump ahead and discover everything in the handout BEFORE the speaker presents? Have the urge to take notes? That pulls you out of the present and leaves you with questions, which also pulls you out of the present.
      These are the first acknowledgment that the ego is uncomfortable and is wanting to distract you from learning and challenges to your paradigm. Also it’s a hidden control device.
  • Intuitive-Manifesting combines various teachings and understandings with channeled insight.
  • Energy work with YES responses

Elizabeth Marie has decades of experience in working with creative energy. Her personal life is the ebb and flow synergy of spiritual with the human.  Her Intuitive-Manifesting seminar is moving, emotional and revealing.

INTUITIVE-MANIFESTING is available for groups and individuals.

Group Seminars are currently limited to 60 participants

Individual Intuitive-Manifesting Coaching is by appointment

Teleconference Intuitive-Manifesting is available

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“Working with Elizabeth Marie in her Intuitive-Manifesting workshops and private lessons has transformed my life. When I met Elizabeth 3 years ago I was a shy timid seeker who knew she had a great calling, but was unable to visualize my heart’s desire. After working with Elizabeth less than a year I was able to claim who I am and my calling. I am on year 2 of having my own successful healing practice and she has been instrumental in helping me create my vision. With her divine guidance, support, and love I am truly living my dream. I recommend her gifts to any soul who desires light and vision to support their heart’s desires.”

Jennifer Rae

Natural Healer Intuitive Guide

Elizabeth Marie’s Intuitive Manifesting Workshop was an enlightening experience.  We learned how to use our innate intuition to receive messages from our higher selves. The universe is here to support us, and Elizabeth helped us tap into that energy.  Everyone I know who was in the workshop took something unique away from it.  I encourage everyone to experience the cosmic kismet that is  Intuitive Manifesting.

David May

Awaken With The Angels

Your life is a swirling array of complex signals and physical signs. Being born is a miracle. Your body enters into a world that is full of sensory complexities and in the rush of the newness of these sensations, your soul breathes. The spirit of you is beginning its human experience.

From this moment forward the indoctrination begins. Where ever you landed, is where you begin your story. A story that will never be experienced by any other human being. 7 billion people and counting and not one will know experiential, emotionally what is it to be you!

Second by second you are taught what was known before by those around you. You begin the matrix of learning the human and discovering your divine purpose. And through the chemical pathways of emotions, you discover sensations in your body. You unconsciously accept that which you aren’t acknowledging, just as you unconsciously command your body to breath-filling the lungs with life force. It’s just there, it just happens.

Now, years have passed. You are an adult. You have a treasure box or Pandora’s Box of experiences. And what mostly happen is somewhere along the way, those emotions and sensations you came here to experience and evolve from have been forgotten.

Awaken With The Angels, is a workshop forum to bring back into your divine purpose, the 6 Senses of your human being. The senses of Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight and Hearing aligned with sixth sense the component of your divine being the Spiritual sense. Within this transformational time spent exploring you’ll re awaken the gifts of being human. All done with the assistance of the Angels.

The lessons are profound driving you to become an athlete to your life. Pushing beyond the unused muscles of life. Never alone, never without support.

Webinar episodes now available. Please contact me directly through the contact form. An invoice will be sent for payment and the webinar access granted.

The Awaken With The Angels includes a sensory exploration workbook in PDF download format. Purchase additional components, The Awaken With The Angels – The Angel Collection card deck, Count Your Blessings cord and/or the Blessings Bookmark.

I look forward to experiencing your revival with you as the new webisodes are currently in production. For more information you can contact me through my contact form.

With Joy! May you Awaken with the Angels where you began.