Count Your Blessings

An exquisite and modern way to make anew or break an old habit

CountYourBlessingsCOUNT YOUR BLESSINGS is an exquisite and modern way to make anew or break an old habit.

It takes a person 21 days to transform a pattern. If you are seeking to create a habit to exercise more consistently, generate more creative time, drink 100 ounces of water a day, or even write in a gratitude journal daily, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS will be your guide. 21 Beads of Crystal, Glass, Metal & Earthly treasures divinely crafted on a blessings cord by Artisans in the United States to support you in tracking your success to a healthy habit. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS is an effective (and beautiful) tool to measure your progress and share your blessings with the world.

How to use Count Your Blessings

Making or breaking habit can test your willpower; COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS makes it simple. Each individually custom crafted piece of art is kept in an open space in your home, office, or car to serve as a constant reminder of your end goal. Every time you complete the action of your new habit, simply move the bead away from the main grouping of beads. It is an effortless way of praising your growth one blessing at a time.

Your Uniquely Crafted Count Your Blessings

Each blessings cord has the alchemy of the Angels and Artisans whose intention is to support you in all your accomplishments. As the Artisan carefully crafts the blessings cord, they infuse each cord with the intention for your new habits being successfully accomplished which is an absolutely divine achievement. Each cord consists of 9 crystal beads. Nine is a representation of completion. Crystal creates a magical and abundant feeling; it sparkles and grasps attention. When you begin the habit transformation, the first crystal signifies a time to rejoice on the initial step forward. The middle crystal is to affirm your success is close at hand and the 21st crystal is the celebration of the amazing new you. No matter what habit you are seeking to make or break, a magical reminder is used to track your success. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS will be right there to show you how incredible you are. For more information about stones and crystals please take a moment add these dainty resources to your collection: The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach – by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian The Crystal Bible, The Crystal Bible 2, or The Crystal Bible 3 – All by Judy Hall Stones of the New Consciousness: Healing, Awakening & Co-Creating with Crystals, Minerals &Gems – by Robert Simmons


No two Count Your Blessing cords are alike. Here’s a sampling of what might be on your cord.

How to Purchase your Count Your Blessings

No two COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS are the same. Each individual blessings cord is created with a varying assortment of colorful crystals, glass, metal, wood and gemstones uniquely for you. Once you have chosen your theme and cord color, your COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS will be delivered to your doorstep and your habit transformation begins.

 Choose from THREE style design groupings!


Earth & Life is a wondrous assortment of crystals, semi-precious stones, metal, or wood beads arranged dynamically on your choice of a BLACK, BROWN or NAVY BLUE cord.

CYBEarthLifew color Romantic & Enchanted is a gorgeous assortment of crystals, lampwork glass, metal, or wood beads arranged lovingly on your choice of a PALE PINK, PALE BLUE, or CREAM cord.

RomanticEnchanted CYB Fun & Whimsical is a quirky assortment of crystals, glass, metal, wood or unique beads arranged playfully on your choice of a BRIGHT PINK, BRIGHT GREEN, or BRIGHT YELLOW cord.CYB funWhimsical with color name

 Congratulations on this powerful step in making a change in your life.

Two Ways to Purchase!

Select 1 button with the cord color of your choice to purchase 1 through PayPal OR BUY ON AMAZON to purchase 1 or more shipped to the same address. $17.99 each


BrightPink BrightYellow Brown Cream NavyBlue PaleBlue PalePink Black BrightGreen