Blessings Bookmark

It’s beyond the visual, it’s a soul thing.

BlessingsBookmarkBlessings Bookmark is an original work of art hand painted with delicate acrylic paints infused with fragrant abundance oil. The Blessings Bookmark is embellished with ribbons, a crystal, charm, and a blessing for you to have the energy of love from a true work of art in your hands. The bookmark art is intended as a gift from God to our human body to embrace our five senses. When you are in the presence of original art, you are in the presence of something more than just yourself. When an artist is weaving work from the heavens, you can feel the painting’s love, the message, and the groundings for you. You are able to feel the energy of the art rising out of you in its very presence.

It’s beyond the visual, it’s a soul thing.

There are many symbols and meanings to everything painted and adorned on each bookmark. Every single Blessing Bookmark has a blessing from the Angels written, for you, by the artist. Ask your Angels to help you understand the message of the Blessings Bookmark that was specifically created for you.

The Magic of the Blessings Bookmark

  • Every bookmark is unique.
  • Every bookmark has an intended receiver.
  • Every bookmark shares a story.

They are painted and created with exclusive ribbon colors, a crystal, a charm, and a blessing just for you. Each is packaged in such a unique way for you to unveil its’ true purpose for arriving in your presence. When you purchase a Blessings Bookmark, it is intended just for you. The artist will have chosen your special bookmark with the love upon her heart from the Angels, the perfect book mark for your intended use.   BBMPurplemultiple BBMpinkmultiwithsignature IMG_1778

Basic Elements of Your Bookmark

BBMThe base is either pink or purple and the paints are mixed with abundance oil. This opulent combination of the color and aromatic oil attracts to your visual and olfactory (smell) energy. Pink represents compassion and unconditional love. The vibration of this color moves you to calm and love energy with your heart centered as the human base for kindness. Your enhanced will to positively affect the world is multiplied by the visions of this color radiating out to others. Purple represents spirit and royalty. Stop and think about the famous royals and their chosen color, they chose purple to embody their power and leadership. Purple is a direct connection to our internal spirit. As you begin learning the meanings of colors and their energies, you’ll also learn about St. Germaine and the Violet Flame. Purple is an intense color with power. This color is meant to be revered. Visit the Interpretations page for more information. After receiving your Blessings Bookmark, you’ll discover the true story meant for you surrounding the painting, the ribbon, the charm, the token, and the specific crystals used. Enjoy the feel of the Blessings Bookmark and marvel in the love that is being poured upon you as you close the Blessings Bookmark in the pages of the book you’re reading with gratitude for the abundance in being alive.

Two Ways to Purchase!

Use the BUY NOW! Color choice button to purchase 1 through PayPal OR BUY ON AMAZON to purchase 1 or more shipped to same address. $17.99 eachpink bookmark small purplebookmarkamazon