Awaken With The Angels

The Angel Collection Cards

Beautifully boxed set of divinely channeled angel portraits bringing inspiration for your life and original art work for your home. Awaken With The Angels is your heavenly support to engage in joyful dialogue to awaken your soul’s journey through life.

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Inspirational Books

By Elizabeth Marie

An Eagle Soars & Leaving The Nest

Books for all ages that guides the question, what is my purpose to a beautiful answer that leaves the heart soaring.

Angelic Joys Coloring Book

This coloring book is tranquility wrapped up in the spiritual gift of fun, coloring fun. You’ll get to experience angels, connect with them as you calm your thoughts and focus on the colors and patterns of their designs.

Don’t Forget To Bloom

Written by Lisa Walker, Illustrated by Elizabeth Marie A colorful book for children and adults to remember their heart’s desires and make choices that influence the next generations with love.

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Blessings Bookmarks

An Original Work of Art

An original work of art hand painted with delicate acrylic paints infused with fragrant abundance oil. It’s beyond the visual, it’s a soul thing.

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Count Your Blessings

Measure Your Progress

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS is an effective (and beautiful) tool to measure your progress and share your blessings with the world.

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Gorgeous Angel Notecards and Envelopes

A beautiful set of 6 note cards, hand detailed and embellished of Angel Signs, Angel Play, Angel Reflection, Angel Peace, Angel Enlightenment, and Angel Serenity from the Angel Portrait collection by Artist Elizabeth Marie. Full color envelopes complete the ensemble.

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