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Awaken With The Angels – Angel Inspiration Collection Cards

AWTAcomposite1Angels…our heavenly counterparts on this journey.

Awaken With The Angels – The Angel Inspiration card deck creates personal angel messages designed to touch your soul with every word inhaled through your time with an angel. Your heart will fill with joy, your core will grasp peace of mind and you will be guided by each angel with delicate hands and an experience that will be forever imprinted within you.

No reading to define your experience or expectations to do something, just you and the angel. A heart to heart connection. The angels are in your life for a divine purpose. What that is is between you and the angel. These seventeen angels are healing, motivational, comforting, and a blessing.

The original paintings are energized with the angel energies and so are these cards. I know you will find the connection through these cards to be undeniably powerful and loving. This deck is about discovering your connection and personal relationship with these particular angels.

Artist Elizabeth Marie brings you divinely channeled works of art from her Angel Portrait series paintings, beautiful 4.25”x5.5” full color inspiration cards of Angel Comfort, Angel Compassion, Angel Enlightenment, Angel Harmony, Angel Home, Angel Hope, Angel Peace, Angel Perseverance, Angel Perspective, Angel Play, Angel Reflection, Angel Revelation, Angel Serenity, Angel Signs, Angel Transitions, Angel Truth, and Angel Wisdom are exceptionally presented with a guide booklet explaining the simple ways to work with the Angels, golden carry bag, a card holder, and envelopes.





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